Compliance Tracking Software Never miss a compliance deadline

“Have you or a team member ever missed a compliance deadline and paid interest and may be, penalty due to this?”

All the businesses have to comply with various statutory and other compliances with given dates. You might be using various tools to track the due dates of these events. There are other due dates to remember also, like credit card payments, EMI payments and life, car, fire and property insurance renewals.

Several people manage these through multiple Excels which are like silos of information, having no interconnection and difficult to keep in sync. Hence, at times they miss the dates due to improper or lack of reminders.

Introducing CTRACKER

CTRACKER solves this problem with an Internet based, team based software accessible from anywhere and anytime.

This user-friendly software offers several benefits:

  • Tracking of different categories of the compliances like Income tax, ROC, ESI, PF, Professional tax, Insurance, Rents, Credit cards etc.
  • Provision for repeating compliance tasks that occur every week, month, quarter or year.
  • Team-based approach. Your team members can be assigned the responsibility for the different tasks and you can see if and when these were done.
  • Unlimited users at no extra cost.
  • All compliance activities in one place. See all or filter based on categories.
  • Get email & SMS (optional) reminders.
  • Mark tasks as completed and get these out of the reminder cycle.
  • Fully smartphone compatible. No app to install or update.
  • Password protected access.
  • Available at one time cost or a subscription model.
  • Nothing to install. No headache of web hosting, software installation and upgrades. Just sign-up, pay and start using by logging in.

How it works

  • This is a web-based software. After you confirm the order and pay, we setup your account in the software.

  • You login to the system and setup other users in your team.

  • You can review and add categories, if required.

  • You can start adding compliance tasks.

  • You can view a list of all the tasks at any point of time, add new tasks, mark tasks as completed or put some on hold.

  • You start getting automatic reminders as applicable.


I am using CTRACKER for several months now and have found it very useful for tracking my statutory payments and other compliances like various returns, mobile bills, LIC premiums, credit card payments etc. The daily email reminders are very helpful to complete these jobs in time. I really like the fact that I can use it on a mobile phone as well as my desktop.

- Ramesh Agarwal

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