Managing Timesheets with CTRACKER

Did you know you can use CTRACKER to maintain timesheets for your team? While this is not a dedicated system for timesheet management, you can manage this if you do not need a full-blown system.

Here is what you need to do:

For every executive (say Deepa), create a new task as “Daily time sheet for Deepa“. Mark it as recurring ‘Daily’. Assign the task to Deepa.

Deepa needs to fill up the description of all things done with time duration in the description box as a list. You can ask her to mark this as complete or you can mark it as complete after reviewing the report.

Whenever you want to review any person’s work, you can search for ‘Daily report for name’ in the title and remove the Status filter (generally set as pending) to see all the daily reports, even the ones marked as complete. You can also set the filter on the date to see reports for a given period only.

The tasks will be created for holidays also. Deepa can enter Holiday in the desc field for such days.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask through the Feedback option in your system.

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